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Maintenance Specifications

These services are intended to prevent deterioration and breakdown of equipment and surfacing.
Preventative maintenance shall consist of the following:
  • Checking all hardware for tightness
  • Tightening all hardware that is loose
  • Advising the customer if any hardware needs replacement
  • Cleaning and leveling loose fill surface material
  • Advising the customer if additional loose fill surfacing is required

The Company performing the Preventative Maintenance shall have the following qualifications:
  • General Liability Insurance of at least $2,000,000
If requested, the Company performing the Preventative Maintenance must be able to provide their customer with a certificate of insurance naming the customer as “Certificate Holder” at no additional charge.


For the purpose of establishing a standard of quality for the work specified herein, the Preventative Maintenance shall be as conducted by Playground Medic of Hawthorne, NY 1-866-332-3133 (toll free) or other companies providing a similar service that have the credentials stated above.