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Audit Specifications

An Audit is a comprehensive evaluation of a playground and it’s setting, including compliance and accessibility. This report is done for new facilities after completion of installation. It is also done for existing facilities following a major change. The Audit forms the basis for a playground management plan and allows the owner to identify and prioritize the hazards, safety and maintenance problems based on the current standard of care (e.g. the 1997 CPSC Handbook for Public Playground Safety and the 2005 ASTM Standard F 1487-05) that must be addressed.

An Audit shall include the following:
  • A layout of the playground area
  • A list of equipment inventory and manufacturer of each piece
  • The name of the manufacturer's representative to contact for replacement parts or repair
  • Identification of type of surfacing and its compliance relating to the height of equipment and intended use of the area
  • An evaluation of the use zone around the equipment
  • Identification and classification of hazards in the playground area
  • Identification of non-conforming products and designs
  • Identification of installation problems
  • Identification of environmental and maintenance conditions
  • A report of the playground’s compliance with current ADA requirements
  • A narrative description of the current conditions of the area
  • Pictures of the area and the hazards described
The company performing the Audit shall have the following qualifications:
  • Inspectors shall have CPSI Certification from the National Playground Safety Institute
  • General Liability Insurance of at least $2,000,000

If requested, the company performing the Audit must be able to provide their customer with a certificate of insurance naming the customer as “Certificate Holder” at no additional charge.


For the purpose of establishing a standard of quality for the Audit specified herein, the Audit shall be as conducted by Playground Medic of Hawthorne, NY. 1-866-332-3133 (toll free) or other companies providing a similar service that have the credentials stated above.