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Playground Assessment for Childcare Facilities

We will provide the following services in our Playground Assessment program:
  • Written assessment of the playground and its environment by a Certified Playground Safety Inspector that includes:
    • A layout of the playground areas
    • Identification of the manufacturer of each piece of equipment and the contact for replacement parts or repair, if possible
    • Identification of type of surfacing and its compliance relating to the height of equipment and intended use of the area
    • Identification and classification of hazards in the playground area
    • Identification of non-conforming products and designs
    • Identification of installation problems
    • Identification of environmental and maintenance conditions
    • A report of the playground's compliance with current CPSC, ASTM and ADA requirements
    • Pictures and a narrative description of the current conditions of the area
    • Recommendations for corrective action
  • Documentation of hazards identified in the assessment according to the degree of severity of a potential accident
    • A Likely to cause death or a permanent disability
    • B Likely to cause a serious but not permanently disabling injury
    • C Likely to cause a slight injury or is non-compliant
    • X Compliant and correct
    • M Maintenance issue
Additional Services available for Centers seeking NAEYC accreditation
(National Association for the Education of Young Children)
  • Recommendations for a regular and ongoing inspection and maintenance program including:
    • Format for high frequency inspections by in-house staff
    • Recommendations for record keeping
    • Recommendation for the annual low frequency inspection by a Certified Playground Safety Inspector
    • Recommendations for preventative maintenance
    • Recommendations for training for in-house staff that are responsible for high frequency inspections and daily maintenance
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